Imagine a local food pantry or food bank. Replace the focus of food with firewood, and you have a center known as a wood bank. Like food pantries, wood banks aim to help community members with life essentials by supplying firewood at little to no cost to low income people and families who rely on firewood as a heating source.

Like our other heating programs, Woodchucks exists to ensure that no one on the Peninsula goes cold in the winter - and there is no denying that a Maine winter can be brutally cold! We serve low income and vulnerable people who have wood stoves or fireplaces. We also help clients organize and pay for chimney inspections so that wood burns efficiently and safely. Our goal is to help keep homes warm all winter long.


Based out of the Boothbay Public Works, the Woodchuck's members range in age from 60 to nearly 90. Most of their wood comes from developers and others with lots they need cleared. If they have good access, the Woodchucks will come and clear the downed trees, chop the wood, and cure it.


To volunteer time, request that a tree be cut down, or to donate equipment or hardwood, please call Bill Smith at (207) 350-2569.


To request a delivery of wood (1 cord/season) call Susan Wilson at (207) 633-6320. If you think you will need more than one cord in a season, or if you think you will need it next season, call the Community Navigator at (207) 633-6272 and we will help connect you to LIHEAP (more free wood!) and a number of other community resources. 

Together, we can make it a little warmer for everyone.


Our Office is located on the Lincoln Health Campus:


6 St Andrews Lane Ste 230

Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

You can send mail to:

PO Box 43

Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

Call Us:

(207) 633-6272