BRCRC Higher Education Initiative

Help your child succeed!  There is an opportunity for families of eligible children in the Boothbay Region under age 18 to receive a $25 account contribution when opening a new NextGen College Investing Plan Client Direct Series account to help fund qualified higher education expenses.  NextGen is Maine's Section 529 college savings plan, administered by the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME).

The $25 contribution is funded by the Boothbay Region Community Resource Council (BRCRC).  One contribution per eligible child will be made to accounts successfully opened online between October 15, 2017 and December 31, 2017.

To open a NextGen account for this opportunity, follow the three steps below.  You must have a valid email address to open an account online.  Be sure to have social security numbers or valid tax identification numbers for each child as well as the account owner.


1.  To open a Client Diret Series online - visit and click Open an Account/Enroll Online.

2. On the second online application screen, click "Do you have an offer code?"  Enter and apply the offer code    BRCRC    in the box.  You must enter this code at the bottom of the second screen to receive the $25 contribution, if eligible.  You will not be required to submit an initial contribution at the time of the account opening.

3. Complete the online application and submit it.  The application will be considered successfully opened when you receive the new account number from Merrill Lynch, the NextGen Program Manager.

Certain accounts may also be eligible to receive a $200 Initial Matching Grant from FAME.

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