An outgrowth of the effective work being done by the Community Navigator Program of the Boothbay Region Community Resource Council, the Addiction Outreach Program is a community collaborative model for the Boothbay Region, both unique and successful.  


While the Community Navigator Program provides the highly complex population of individuals on our peninsula with support and connections with appropriate and needed community based services, the growth in the number of people being seen for substance use disorders in our Community Navigator caseload grew exponentially to the point where we needed to expand our services to keep up with demand. 


In 2016 and in response to the growing need, the Boothbay Region Community Resource Council created the Addiction Outreach Program to provide information, support and referral to individuals and families seeking treatment and recovery services. The Addiction Outreach Specialist works closely with the Boothbay Harbor Police Department and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department and offers support to local law enforcement that have been on the front lines dealing with this epidemic for some time.


The initial funding for the program and the position of Addiction Outreach Specialist has come from a small group of local investors/funders who gathered to discuss the epidemic and ways they could help.  Chief Bob Hasch from the Boothbay Harbor Police Department spent a great deal of time with the funders and thoughtfully approached them about funding a position to work in tandem with the police department on addiction cases. The funders group committed to provide some of the necessary revenue for the position for at least the next three years to make the Addiction Outreach Program successful and a permanent part of the community.  


Our program uses a strength based perspective which includes a focus on long term recovery as a goal.  We are a grassroots, community based effort that is embedded in collaborative relationships with others in the community.  This integration helps our clients feel more connected and part of the community after periods of feeling disenfranchised and excluded. This is a fresh approach and we know that we are making a difference for people who really didn’t think this was possible.  The successes will continue to grow and hopefully, we will bring along others in our community who desperately need this help.

Our Office is located on the Lincoln Health Campus:


6 St Andrews Lane Ste 230

Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

You can send mail to:

PO Box 43

Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

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